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Beyond compare;

   I am one of those people who always have something to compare myself to other person. This is the part of me that I wish to remove from myself and I am still working on it. Try walking among a group of girls who is having a conversations, Chances are they are comparing themselves with another person.
  " Untungla muka flawless"
 "Untungla famous dapat freegift dari InstaShops"
 " kau pandai tak ape la selalu outing pun"
    These are a few examples of what I often hear and I might not or I might be guilty of saying these words too...
     When we compare ourselves with other person, we are encouraging ourselves to be competitive for no absolute reason. If we're not careful enough it might turn into hasad (envy). We forgot about all the blessings that we have; health, family, good friends etc. It encourages us to be less grateful when we actually have too much to be grateful about. Worst case scenario is, we will turn ourselves into a hating machine who hates on others at every opportunity. Negativity looms within ourselves and without realising it we became this grumpy young adult who thinks that life is being unfair to him/her.
      In high school, I was a fairly competitive person. I was always aiming for the top 10 if not top 5 in my batch's ranking. It wasn't long until I realise that high school life or life itself is too short to care about those things. Five or ten years from now,it all won't matter as much so there's no point in torturing myself wishing I could be smarter. Since then, I suppressed any jealousy that re-surfaces whenever my friend get their good marks etc. I learned to be genuinely happy for them because that is the least thing a friend could do for her friend. Most importantly, I learned to be grateful for my own share of blessings.
       I used to have this perception that maybe if I am a little bit smarter, a little bit funnier, a little bit on the pretty side then maybe life would become easier. But I forgot that everyone has a different set of life to live. No life are similar to each other and hoping to lead a life without potholes and paved in Technicolour bricks is as absurd as wishing you would live a different life.
       Maybe it's time for us to be more accepting and to love ourself for what we have and the things that we don't have.

We are fortunate enough
We are blessed enough
The key is to be content of what we have.


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