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The letter from 15 years old me

     On my fifteenth birthday I wrote a letter to be opened by the 20 years old me.I waited five years for this, I am glad I didn't clumsily throw it away while I pack my things for college last month!! So here goes what my 15 years old said to the 20 years me.

Dear 20 years old Nabilah,

      If you are reading this, it means that you somehow managed to keep this letter for five years. Pat your back right now because I am so damn proud of you :'). Keep on reading and don't act as if you can't read this handwriting because believe me dear self, this is all yours.
       By now you should be in university. I hope you made it but even if you don't it's okay (but what are you going to do though??!!). I wish by now you have discovered your ambition. You should forget about being a lawyer because you can't control your emotions. God knows what you would do if you really are to become a lawyer. You're good with Maths maybe by the time you're reading this you are studying Maths. Or not, whatever.
        In 2015, I hope you will still be as strong as you are now. Things will get harder but I believe in you, remember it is always you against the world. Don't bother listening to what others have to say because it's your life. Remember to always try being good, eventhough it's not in your nature. Everyone has a good side to be seen, do your best to look beyond one's bad side. If you're still vengeful and filled with hatred as you are now, I wish after reading this you would at least try to change. Learn to love yourself instead of being harsh in fact love everyone around you because love always wins (Mitch Albom reference). I hope you still read his books and I wish he write more books in the future!! Whatever you decide to do in your twenties or in your life, give your best shot to it. You are capable of making changes that you want to see in this world.
       Remember how  when you were 6 or 7 or 8 you take pride in wearing mummy's lipstick, refuse to take your afternoon nap, gets embarassed when your parents kiss your cheek? Hahahaha :D  I hope you will always remember your root and not to forget that mummy and daddy has done so much for you the least you could do for them is loving them with all your heart oh and your siblings eventhough they're annoying. Don't rush being an adult. I know you believe that you're ready to conquer the world but being an adult means extra burden. Just look at how maths is so confusing as compared to Form 1's syllibus. Take good care of yourself and grow wiser as each birthday passes by.
Yourself on your 15th birthday

     I can't believe I am sharing this. Till then, Assalamualaikum. ♥


awwwww this is soooo nice i wanna do also la for my 30 year old self!! your 15 year old self was so wise what even nabeeee hahahaha

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