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The bittersweet day

      Today is a very tiring day for me both physically and emotionally. Yes, UNGS short semester is now completed and I am thankful for that. But the process of removing things to the new room in the next mahallah was a very tiring experience!!! Who am I to complain though, at least we don't have to carry that much of a load on 2nd September (yeaaayy).
      I feel like I have been riding a roller coaster of emotions today. I started my day with the anxiety of not being able to answer well, the gratitude upon finding out the questions are not that hard, gratitude coz I don't have to wait till 2pm to start the evacuation process, the gratitude for yummy foods haf's mom made, and then the roller coaster started going downhill. The bas moved like a tortoise on the Pantai Timur highway. It took us 2 hours to reach Temerloh RnR. YESS!!! THAT SLOW!
I honestly couldn't sleep on the bus thinking about how am I going to make it to airport on time.
      At 7.30 we reached Hentian Pekeliling and I screwed up, wasting my precious 5 minutes going to LRT line instead of the monorail :(( and then after an excruciating 28 minutes I rushed my way to NU sentral trying to find my way to KL Central. Guess what? Yes , I couldn't find the stairs that connect the shopping mall to the transportation hub. I must have had panic attack because I know the place by heart, the fact that I have to ask someone to show the way makes me even more irritated at myself. I am not a person who runs that much but I did. Yes, with my purple luggage and a laptop bag. I bought the ERL ticket and run again hoping to catch the train. Unfortunately, the luck is not on my side tonight. By the time I reached the groundfloor, the train has already left and I could still see it's silhouette. I had to wait for another 17 minutes :(
        I tried to calm myself down by texting my friends and even calling one when I boarded the train 17 minutes later. By the time I board the train, it was 8.32pm. I need someone to reassure me that I am going to make it to KLIA2 on time and thanks to my friend Nadhirah she managed to calm me. I was calm and composed for the first time since the afternoon. I tied my shoelaces tightly because I am determined to run and not waste any minute. By this time, I was running while yelling sorry sorry. Hell, I must've looked like an idiot. What makes matters worse, is that halfway through the escalator this guy just won't move!!! I was behind him saying excuse me I need to hurry blablabla and he smirked. HE FKIN SMIRKED!!! UGH so I had to stay behind him. Sobs sobs and then hah I'm tired even typing this makes me feel drained. So, let's cut the chase ; the boarding gate was closed for 2 minutes. I was late for 2 minutes!!!!! And the stewardess was a very polite woman, she said she's sorry but there's nothing she could do because even if she prints the boarding pass for me , they won't let me in.
        The rest is something that I refuse to share. However, because of this incident I learned that my bank islam debit card can be used to buy tickets online!!!! Despite how unlucky I just described myself, I found a quite cheap ticket on Malindo air at 7am tomorrow. It was priced at 169 including all taxes. The thought of sleeping makes me nauseous, I am terrified and scarred for life (ok over but honestly that's what i feel). Looks like He still spare me some happiness in this dark hour eyy :) and I am forever grateful to my parents for being understanding. I know it's not easy for them to let this cengeng daughter sleep at airport's surau! Oh and I met this kind stranger who also missed the same flight. She's the one who told me that malindo air have the lowest tickets price for now. Thank you akak!
       This is a lesson for me, because I am being selfish. I don't wanna stay anoter day at UIA kuantan because all I think about was coming home. So I gambled with time, and planned my timing which has gone wrong and ended up with me being stranded on this airport!! Hahaha. As my daddy put it, there's always a first time for everything amd "relaxla bila, bukan kau satu orang ja pernah terlepas flight". That's his way of saying don't feel like a jerk (which I still feel like one now) haha goodnight and thank you for reading this rant. Much ♥


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