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The bittersweet day

Today is a very tiring day for me both physically and emotionally. Yes, UNGS short semester is now completed and I am thankful for that. But the process of removing things to the new room in the next mahallah was a very tiring experience!!! Who am I to complain though, at least we don't have to carry that much of a load on 2nd September (yeaaayy).
      I feel like I have been riding a roller coaster of emotions today. I started my day with the anxiety of not being able to answer well, the gratitude upon finding out the questions are not that hard, gratitude coz I don't have to wait till 2pm to start the evacuation process, the gratitude for yummy foods haf's mom made, and then the roller coaster started going downhill. The bas moved like a tortoise on the Pantai Timur highway. It took us 2 hours to reach Temerloh RnR. YESS!!! THAT SLOW!
I honestly couldn't sleep on the bus thinking about how am I going to make it to airport on time.
      At 7.30 we reached Hent…


Truth be told, I almost forgot about the existence of this blog because I am such a lazy writer. As of today, something happened and I think it's quite interesting to write something out of it.
       I called my dad on the afternoon, wanting to chat about random things that happened to me and it was mommy who picked his phone. She said she's waiting in the car while my dad transfers some money for me. I was quite shocked, because my dad has transferred some money on Tuesday ( which is just about three days ago). I asked my dad why do he have to send me more money when he just did it three days ago and his reply makes me tear up a bit.
  " I am insecure whenever the money in your account doesn't reach the amount that I think would be sufficient for you. I know how it feels to be away from home and without money to compensate for the distant love of family. I don't want you to starve yourself just because you don't have enough money to buy foods. I've…