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Foundation 101

      It has been quite some time since I last write anything for this blog. *tiup the dusty blog's surface*. Life has been ok as usual and I am proud to let you guys know that I am now starting a new phase in my life. I AM GETTING MARRIED !!! ok tipu haha. I have finished my 2 long years of foundation in CFS IIUM and is currently taking a short semester to complete UNGS at IIUM Kuantan. Yezzaa that's right; no more rant about Gambang the isolated town.
          I am going to share some tips on how I survive foundation years . oh by the way, I get accepted to do my first degree; MBBS in IIUM (of course I'm an ex-CFS student duhh) haha. I don't feel qualified to do so but that doesn't mean I wont. So here it goes .......

  • Start looking for friends

     For me, this is crucial because I need friends to survive thanks to the SBP system I am immensely attached to my friends. I think most of us will experience separation from their BFFs or BF(s) once we set our foot to the tertiary education. Do not be a jerk and be yourself ; you'll attract good friends (read : the one that behaves like you) InshaAllah :)

  • Keep track of your money
     I was so bad at this for the first semester but once I get the hang of it everything is fine. Set a target for your daily expenses for example RM12 per day for food and try your best to stay in that range. Control your expenses by restraining yourself from buying unnecessary things. Most college students including me were obsessed to spend money, which is not a healthy practice. Scold yourself or ask your friends to slap you whenever you have that need to spend money on unnecessary things such as a new bag or shoes etc. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES SO YOU WON'T SPEND EXCESSIVELY.

  • Do not get attached to social media
     When I first entered CFS, I experienced culture shock (kinda) because in SBP we were not allowed to bring any gadjets. I discovered my passion to rant things on Twitter and I swear to god I was addicted to it. I am constantly holding my phone even during the short five minutes break and furiously tweet anything that I saw or deemed as interesting. My presence on social media was too frequent that one of senior said 'kurangkanla masa utk bertweet tu and start studying otherwise you won't make it to medic school' together with a short happy birthday speech. I evaluated myself and try to reduce my time on Twitter eversince and guess what? My results on the next semesters were much better than my first sem hahaha

  • Avoid procrastination or reduce it
     I still procrastinate but not to the point of delaying my assignments so I think thats a healthy progress hehe. Procrastination will only adds up the stress so try to complete your assignment or homework within the stipulated time. Plus, you don't wanna be the guy/girl whom causes dismay to your groupmates because your part was incomplete when it is supposed to be submitted tomorrow.
  • watch your relationship with Allah and human
     Do not leave your obligations. You should know by now that you are growing up and that the responsibility to observe your prayers, fast and other obligations is in your own hand. You can't expect people to remind you or wake you up for prayers every single day. Take your own initiative to be a better person by joining usrah, talks or the likes. Our soul needs to be fed too :)
do not be rude to your parents, lecturers or even friends. 
  • always make time to call your parents/ family
     Keep in touch with your parents. As long as you're not married (for girls) and even after marriage (for boys) parents are not to be neglected. Remember that as you're growing up they too are growing old. Do not make them worried wondering about your well-being. A once a week call is better than none or for my case once per two or three days hehe. 
  • help your friends
     Please don't hesitate to ask your friends to explain something that you can't understand in lectures. It is proven that by teaching someone you will get a deeper understanding regarding a topic. Do not pray for your friends' failure just because you wanna get higher marks than him/her. We are too old for that kind of rivalry. 
  • use your time wisely
     Buy a planner or download an apps in your smartphone to keep your time organized. Try not to skip your meal because you need energy to stay focused in class and for other 1001 reasons. The presence of planner or apps could make you an organized person. it will also reduces your chance of skipping deadline :) divide your time between studies, socializing, eating and everything that you want to do.
  • Be nice 
     I really don't know how to put this but the gist is just don't be a jerk. No one likes  a jerk. If you're nice or relatively good you will not have a hard time surviving college. Maybe for some it doesn't make sense but for me it does.

I can't seem to think of anything else for the time being so I guess I will leave it here. College, high school or whatever phase that you're going through now is meant to be enjoyed and to make us wiser so let's try to live and cheerish each moment despite the obstacles that comes with it. Till then, Assalamualaikum ! 


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