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Foundation 101

It has been quite some time since I last write anything for this blog. *tiup the dusty blog's surface*. Life has been ok as usual and I am proud to let you guys know that I am now starting a new phase in my life. I AM GETTING MARRIED !!! ok tipu haha. I have finished my 2 long years of foundation in CFS IIUM and is currently taking a short semester to complete UNGS at IIUM Kuantan. Yezzaa that's right; no more rant about Gambang the isolated town.
          I am going to share some tips on how I survive foundation years . oh by the way, I get accepted to do my first degree; MBBS in IIUM (of course I'm an ex-CFS student duhh) haha. I don't feel qualified to do so but that doesn't mean I wont. So here it goes .......

Start looking for friends
     For me, this is crucial because I need friends to survive thanks to the SBP system I am immensely attached to my friends. I think most of us will experience separation from their BFFs or BF(s) once we set our foot to t…