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     Being on social media gives you access to a lot of unnecessary and insignificant things. There are myriad ways of humiliating people and most of it happens on social media. Why? Because we are a nation of judgemental person. Putting the blame on someone else, degrading someone and humiliating people who have different point of views is what we do best. Unfortunately,we are inheriting the ultimate characteristics of our society who judge everything on their sight. Yes,"the society" that we are blaming is composed of me,you and everyone else which makes us a significant part of "the society" that we claimed as bad. We are the bad,the messed up society.
    It is not surprising that we became a judgemental person despite the amount of denial we put in to convince ourselves that we are non-judgemental. Let's admit it,there are times when you feel like you're the only person who's right and worse of all,you started looking ,magnifying and even putting people's mistakes on radar by posting it on social media. Log in to Twitter and you can see the absurd amount of screenshots posted by someone to emphasize how "wrong" or how "stupid" certain actions/Instagram captions/tweets/hijab style etc. Why? That's a question that I am incapable of aswering as I myself is struggling to comprehend as to why we (Malaysians) generally act that way.
       I strongly support the intention to convey good messages and to let your voice be heard but there's a limitation to that. In my opinion, having good intentions whilst executing it in an improper manner is definitely not going to work. It works in a sense that it will be viral on social media but have we ever think about the feeling of the person involved? How would you feel if you're in his/her shoes? Don't you think it's too much for us to condemn a person just because he/she did something we perceived as "wrong"?
       Lately, the "culture" of humiliating people has spread widely and it can be seen among youngsters as well as among those who are actively giving da'wah. I know da'wah has diversity approach but please stop the "tarbiyah sentap" method . You're not giving any useful advice there, as far as I am concerned all you're doing is basically humiliating people. You are keeping them away from the religion itself.
        To those "pendakwah" out there please remember that people come from different backgrounds. What seems easy for you such as covering aurah properly by wearing socks might not be easy for someone else. From my personal experience,I've met some people who can't wear hijab while she's at home because her family gave her a hard time while she's wearing one. This is not a justification to change black into white,nor do white,black. I am stressing this point because I've been in this shoes. There are some points in my life where I refuse to do what has been told just because I am annoyed by the way they're conveyed . Trust me,provoking through sarcastic comments will bring you nowhere but to the brink of your own self-destruction.
        Those who wants to change to be better are often scared to open up and join religious activities because it is somehow reserved for those who are already covering their aurah properly,or is already fluent in religion matters. It's our perception of them that chases and close the door of chance for them to change. I was at a mall's prayer room one day when a lady with short skirt and dyed hair entered the room and pray. As she started to pray, sokseksoksek were heard followed by the scrutinizing glance from us the hijab wearer. Right after her prayer was done, a group of women approached her and said something about our prayer will not be accepted and how sinful it is for not covering our aurah.  Instead of telling about how sinful it is if aurah is not covered properly why don't we use a different approach such as telling them about how God's mercy is even greater than our sin? That will definitely give them some hope,I know I do. Whenever someone said that there's a warm feeling inside that reminds me about how great Allah's mercy is towards us,His slave.
       My classmate once said "Jaga aib manusia inshaAllah Allah jaga aib kita". Let's try our best not to screenshot/retweet/share anything that will humiliate other people. I am very far from perfection,this post is never meant to insult/degrade anyone. I wrote this in hope that it will be a reminder for me and you (if there's any reader hahaha). Till then, Assalamualaikum :)


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