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Money talk and how I started saving

Hey everyone (perasan ada reader ),
 Since I am under caffeine, I've figured that I might not sleep the whole night so I decided to write something. Caffeine has a strong effect on me. My preference of coffee is either Nescafe or Starbucks. I tried coffee from The Coffee Bean once,it was a horrendous experience for me. My head felt like it would explode from the dizziness right after drinking a few sips. Any caffeinated drinks even tea could keep me awake at night. Low-caffeine-tolerance 

                                                              My savings so far for 2015

 One of my new year resolution is to save up money. I am a highly-ambitious person unfortunately everything I planned rarely gets executed. Somehow, I always found a reason to dismiss the "ambitious" thought. But 2015 is different, I promised myself this would be my year, Insha Allah.

Responsibility is a huge word and hold and even bigger meaning to me. As much as I would love to spend money on things that I barely need, a deeper part in myself despise this bad habit. I have to be responsible over my finance. Someone dear to me once said that youth should not be wasted doing silly things. Yes, you would have something great to tell your grandchildren for being "cool" but do you actually want them to repeat all the ridiculous  things you've done? Of course,the answer is no. Youth should be spent wisely by doing things that you will not regret once you get older. I am teaching myself to be responsible by saving money in hope that by nurturing this good habit it would grow into something beneficial.
        I was on Google to find out a few Biology terms that I don't understand when I came across an article about how to save money for dummies. The article piqued my interest so I clicked the link and read the whole article. The article literally is a lifesaver as I was trying to figure out ways so I could start my holy intention lol. It gave me the idea to save RM5 notes. I didn't do it willingly at first, but it eventually became a habit. Fake it until you make it, there's some truth in that. It feels weird when I first started keeping all the RM5 notes but as time goes by now it feels weird if I'm on my cheat day and use the RM5 notes. Yes, I have this cheat day thingy because sometimes , the kiosk do not have enough change so I have to use the RM5 notes to pay for something. That is one of the most annoying moments because in my opinion, when you're doing business you should prepare enough change. Surely you don't expect customers to run around places to get the change ready for you,right?
       Anyway, I hope you guys (if there's any human being reading this) try to save some money. We live in an era where RM50 wouldn't last for long. RM50 only lasts for 4 days or 5 if I am being strict on spending approximately RM10 per day for foods and drinks. Times like this makes me feel like being a high school kid again, just so I could eat free foods 5 times per day for free eventhough the amount of oil and salt is quite generous. I still need to study informations for tomorrow's discussion of Log B and fold my laundry ugh, till then goodnight and Assalamualaikum.


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