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Is it the explosion of colours
that draw you closer?
Artificial shades of modesty,
drawn on the cheekbone canvas
to compensate for the lost modesty,
or for the lack thereof,
to obliterate harsh judgements,
made by those who sees nothing
but flaws and imperfections stitched together,
failing to see the values that can neither be tarnished nor corroded.

Did I just write that? Yes Nabilah you did. I decided to rant because when you can't sleep at 3.30 am thoughts came overflowing your mind.
      You'll never believe the amount of time we spent wishing to have a flawless skin,cursing and even blaming water,food,and hormones for being the culprit behind breakouts. Why is that so? Because having breakouts on your face is definitely not beautiful, according to the standard of beauty set by majority Earth's population. In fact,I myself is among one of those who spend times standing in front of the mirror scrutinising and wishing I have magic power to remove all blackheads and pimples.
      Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder is a quote that I and most people know by heart. Some says beauty depends on a person's teeth, some says it depends on how a person smells, countless interpretations of beauty were made. Many says that outer beauty is not as important as inner beauty. Well,I think both are equally important. A lot of people says that they fall for a person's personality instead of the way they look but let's be honest ; if you were given the choice to date a not so handsome guy who's on the chubby side or a guy with David Beckham's athletic figure and charming smile who would you choose to date? The former or the latter?
 "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out but when darkness sets in,their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within"

        Inner beauty; A K H L A Q, good conduct. Yes,you can't see it straight away for it takes time to really know someone to fall for their inner beauty. Once you recognise how this charm works you will realise how useless is a pretty face without good akhlaq. Beauty is only skin depth, what matters most is the way you use it for it will defiantly be questioned later on in the hereafter.
         Since Allah's creations are beautiful in it's own way I see no rush to be beautiful,beautiful for the wrong reason as in to attract people's attention. We don't need to attract that kind of vibe in our life, we don't need to draw men's attention by wearing excessive make ups and such. We need to focus more on having good akhlaq and building amazing personalities. Beauty is a state of mind rather than a standard that needs to be achieved. If we focus more on our behaviour and improves when necessary it will attract positive kind of people in our life. That, is a bonus point. Don't you know that good things always come to those who waits patiently? :)  
till then, Assalamualaikum.


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