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What we want vs what we need

 The decision to create a blog has been haunting me since the day I discovered my passion for writing. I may not be the person who could touch people's heart with their vast vocabularies and beautifully used language. Mind you,I am a typical science student whom use of language is a low 4 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 as the perfect language skill. I tend to write about random things,hence the title of this blog.
On a serious note, this has been one of my 2015 new year's resolution. I know,I know it's a little bit too late but hey as the saying goes it's better late than never!! I want this blog to be a memoir of my life when I get older. I want to look back at all the entry I made and be reminded of all the struggles and my immature thoughts that hopefully would vanish as I grow older,insya Allah.

Enough about the boring introduction then.

let's talk about something else of equal importance

Throughout my less than 20 years experience of living (minus the time whereby I can't speak let alone forming intricate thoughts), these two things i.e supplication and effort has been implemented by my parents. And I am thankful for as I grow up,it comes in handy. It anchors my reliance towards Allah as the ultimate planner. No man are excluded from the feeling of dissappointment after working so hard only to get an average results. Have you ever been in that situation where you have tried your best yet still, you don't get THAT thing that you have ALWAYS WANTED? I have been in your shoes,trust me every normal human beings have been through that situation. 

What we want will not always be the thing that we need. Most of the time, we want something that we don't even need such as a new purse or a new jubah. This is when Allah comes to the rescue,by diverting our plan into something more beautiful and meaningful; His plan. Our judgement are often hazed until we fail to see things on a bigger scheme. We are too focused on one goal that we don't see the bigger picture that literally is waving at us. Life itself is a test that is supposed to mould us into a better person as well as preparing us for the hereafter. The question is, have we done justice to every test He gave us? Have we treat every hardship as a way to be grateful for His plans or have we been treating hardship by blaming Him? Nauzubillah.
You don't have the power to change whatever Allah has planned for you as His plan is flawless, and ours are knitted with flaws and mostly driven by our worldly desire such as the desire to earn as much money as we can so we could buy whatever we want to, the desire to have the latest gadget so we would be perceived as "the cool kids" etc. If humans desire were to be fulfilled completely without putting Allah as our sole purpose, our life would be meaningless as we are only doing things for the sake of pleasing other human beings. As a student, I can totally relate to the pressure of fulfilling society's, parents' and even teachers' expectations. Let me get something straight, as much as we feel like we ought to make them happy and satisfied, we are not indebted to them. That goes by saying that they don't have any control to posses and direct our life as they pleases. You yourself is responsible for the choice that you make. Afterall, you are the one who will have to answer it in the next world. What I am trying to say is, you don't have to be "the smart kid" who knows everything, who scores A in every tests etc. Sometimes,our plan will not work because we are merely humans whose life could be ended anytime,anywhere, There is a greater power in which we should channel our reliance to Him. If something does not turn the way we expected it to be,know that Allah is testing our faith and be convinced that indeed He have a better plan for you.
Things would not make sense as you go through it but it eventually will. You will see the rainbow hidden amidst all the hardships that He put you through. Bear in mind that
 if He brings you to it,He will help you through it.
You (read: I) don't need to give much attention to what people has to say about you. You know your limit and yourself better than anyone do so there's no way their observation would be able to define your whole existence. You are much better than people who always pinpoint your fault. Be you and stay true to yourself. Do your best and make sincere du'a for it is the best weapon needed to go through myriad challenges.


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